Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seven Things I Love about Google+ ...

Here are some of the things I love about Google+ (or more to the point - hate about Facebook).....

1. No poking. Seriously... why on earth would anyone poke you??? This feature was probably created by Mark Z. in version 1 of FB, and that is the reason it's still there.... I can see the developers now - "accidentally" deleting the code for "POKE" each time they upgrade.... and Mark throwing a fit in the meeting --- (in my best Mark Zuckerberg impression) - "ummm, guys... I logged in this morning... and didn't see the POKE button... can someone please tell me who the %&$ is CEO here??? MEEEEEE....%$*#($*%% .... that's who...."

2. Better News Feed. I think the News Feed in Facebook is useless. It is probably because I have more (facebook) friends than I should... but I also think it could do a lot better finding out what posts I like. It forces me to basically kick someone out of my feed forever, which may not be what I want. With G+ I have my circles, and if I am in the mood to see what my close friends are doing I can click on that circle, and if I want to read random ramblings of people I barely know - I have a circle for that too....

3. No Farms.  If I get another request to join someone's farm - I am going to kill someone. Starting with Last names that start with Z. Watch your back Mark - Mafia Wars is not just a game.

4. Privacy.  This of course is the big thing everyone talks about - but very few people really understand. Facebook's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is a joke. They change it whenever they want, and whether you know it or not - they own everything you have done there, everything you will do there. I am not saying Google is any better - but based on their track record and so far their approach/concern for privacy - my guess is they will be better (because it is their competitive advantage to be better).  

5. Simplicity. I enjoy innovation and new applications... but I am also a realist - and know if it is not "simple" - then no one will use it - especially me.  Facebook started off simple, but then they went on this bi-polar development rage that took something elegant and useful, and made it into Social-Sausage. Google has the advantage of their platform being more spread out (they can have other applications like Gmail, Picasa (photos), Blogger, Calendar, etc without screwing up G+1).  To me that is what Google is best at - taking a relatively cumbersome, slow process and making it simple and fast.  Just like they did with search... they are now doing with social networking.

6. Photos. Let's face it... photos is a big part of social networking. Everyone wants to share photos. Facebook's photo interface sucks. Google not only made it slicker - they also streamlined it by allowing you automatically upload your photos on the phone to your Google Photos account - and then give you the option to share. I love this, because it brings together my personal Photo albums (which I want to save forever) and allows me to share what I want.  Facebook doesn't.

7. I hate Mark Zuckerberg.  "Hate" is a strong word, but let's face it - the guy is kind of a douche.  (just kidding Mark, I'll poke you later)

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