Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GOOGLE+ (10 cool ways to use it) --- Final Installment

I am finishing off my post with the final four things that are cool uses for Google+.  The last two posts are here and here.

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I already hit all the key features... so here are some things that are a little more obscure and some things that I would like to see happen (which I am sure Google is +1 ahead of me)

7.) Gmail and +1.  If you are like me - you never really liked the way email works.  It just feels like someone throws 100 envelopes at you in the morning and you spend all day picking them up and reading them - in not particular order or priority. It really doesn't make sense.  If I get an email telling me I am the lucky winner of 10,000,000 euros - I want that to be the first one I open :)

Enter +1 ---- I have a gut feeling that we will soon be able to integrate G+ Circles and our messaging. This may be the best thing since PB&J.  If I could sort my emails by circles in an easy way... and automatically set priorities on which ones are important, personal vs. work - and most importantly which ones are from people I don't even know (e.g. blocking spam).... that would be great.

Integrating social networking and email. Could be very cool. (also, it would be nice to have my Contact Database on my Gmail and my Google Phone be always up to date - synced with G+ accounts).

8.) Sparks.  What is a spark? First, It's weird Google would use such an obtuse name. Usually Google branding defaults to literal terms like Mail, Docs, Photos... and suddenly they start using fancy branding like "sparks" and "huddle". Anyway... what is a spark? Apparently it is simply information you get excited about. If you want to follow the latest news on a topic... you setup a spark.

Essentially, it creates a very personal news feed within +1... which can be very cool. I am using it to track news about businesses I follow, but also to track things that I am interested in. For example: I happen to be in NYC this week, and I tracked "New York Restaurants" --- and it gave me some cool things to read about openings, reviews.

I am not sure how "sparks" fits into the whole strategy of Google+1 - - - but I think it can be a cool feature if you just put some thought around relevant feeds you want to follow. I would use it more for "real time" stuff... and I think you will see more value.

9.) SEO.  If you are in the "biz"... and trying to get your website higher rankings on Google. Well guess what... Google is using +1 in their search and also favoring websites that are linked from within the +1 network..... so start making it a habit to post links to your website when relevant (don't spam because that will hurt you).

10.) Viewing Profile as.... in case you didn't see this feature - it is the best thing for people who are nervous that the picture they just uploaded of them drunk at the Holiday party won't be seen by their boss... they can easily double check by using this feature.... what a great idea (once again making it clear that Google wants you to use it for personal and business....)

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