Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GOOGLE+ (10 cool ways to use it) --- continued....

Here is the 2nd installment of GOOGLE+ (10 cool ways to use it)

For the first article go here.

4.) Share your Location. One of the big issues with "geo-location" features in social media applications is privacy. Nobody wants to be tracked all the time, so anyone can see their location... and many times "checking in" (ala Foursquare) is hard to remember too... but with G+ you can include your location (optionally) when you post.  Its a great way to trigger a meetup.... (and you can share only with the people you want to using circles, which makes it great for people who have hundreds of stalkers).

At some point, I am sure they will add Google Places, and essentially be another Foursquare-like app.

5.) Huddle.  Group messaging is an absolute must if you want to truly have a powerful social networking platform. For some reason, Facebook missed the boat on this one (they bought Beluga but haven't done anything yet). Huddle allows you to easily send a text message to numerous people, and begin a group chat. This can be an amazing tool for quick "mobile" meetings with select co-workers or if your traveling with a bunch of people on a trip and want to keep track of everyone. The uses are endless and by Google putting this feature in release 1 of G+ means they are serious about mobility.

6.) Group Chat.  With Google Hangout... they really create a whole new layer of awesomeness on +1. The fact you can easily bring numerous people to a video-chat window is so cool, you will want to do it, just to do it. I may even use this in the office, instead of walking down the hall.

more to come later....

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