Saturday, April 18, 2009

A New Incubator

Some of you may know we had an incubator a few years ago, and unfortunately despite its success we had to let go of the space for a local school.... but now we are back again picking up where we left off... launching a new Incubator.

We chose the same location (Rosemary District just north of Downtown Sarasota) because we believe it is a perfect place to build a tech/creative cluster. The building is bigger than before, and we have bigger plans for the space.

Most people define an Incubator as a place you provide office space to startups, and maybe give some advice here and there. This is not our model.

Sure, we want to help entrepreneurs and yes, startups will work out of the space - but this is really not the mission of our incubator.

Our mission is to change the landscape and perception of our city on multiple levels - social, economic and political.