Thursday, May 08, 2008

Florida Venture Forum has Arrived.... Finally!

I have been a critic of the Florida Venture Forum since its inception... mostly because of the lack of really national quality deals, and also the absence of any really active venture capitalists or angel investors.

BUT, this year, I have to say that the FVF has brought it's A Game. After reviewing all the companies presenting this year, I have to say this is one of the best group of presenters I have seen anywhere (much less Florida).

Also, I am excited about the Early Stage Presenters -

The presenters are diverse, and the technology is impressive.

One company (spawned from UF) WiPower, Inc. ( has wireless electricity as a core technology, and has constructed a plate where you can put your cell phone and other chargable devices on the platform to charge (sans any wires).

Another company turns Air into Water, for applications where clean water is scarce.

I highly suggest checking out this years presenters and going to the show. It looks like Florida is finally bringing great ideas and technology to the Forum, and will begin to shine as a place of innvovation.