Monday, July 11, 2011

GOOGLE+ vs. Facebook

I just got my invite to Google+ and I have had some time to poke around.  Here is my take on G+ versus Facebook.

1. Google circles is really the key differentiation.  Allowing people to select who they want to share content to makes social networking more pertinent.  In facebook its too difficult to set this up and too cumbersome to go back and make lists work.  Google starts off right by making people build circles thus making there experience more relevant and giving you a sense of content control.

2. Google allows for you to follow too. Like twitter you may want to follow someone in your industry.  You don't HAVE to be friends.  This is powerful for professional use.  And because of circles the content is more relevant.  I don't have to hear about the personal habits of people I follow....just the broadcast worthy posts

3. Google was playing chess while facebook was playing checkers.  It is clear with G+ that it is going to be a layer over all applications within Google.  The most important one is android.  By owning its own mobile OS it is positioned to dominate social applications on the phone.  Facebook has no such path.  Over time more social traffic will be mobile due to photos, at-work browsing, etc.   I don't see facebook gaining ground here.  It is clear Google sees mobile as the future - you can see it in the user experience.   Simple and mobile driven.

4.  The big advantage G+ has is being able to learn from facebooks mistakes.  Being new and fresh is an advantage too.  Everyone likes the new car smell...and because Google has the ability to generate viral sharing with its massive distribution it is one of the few companies that can have millions signup in less than a week.  Facebooks key competitive advantage was the network itself.  People won't switch because their friends are only on facebook.  Google puts a major dent in this advantage.  Facebook made the mistake of allowing their users to get bored.  And Google took advantage of it.  The last few facebook announcements were underwhelming and zuckerbergs greed keeps users from feeling a part of facebook. 

5. Google+ has no ads.  Atleaat not yet.  Which is really nice.

6. Google huddle is a game changer.  Facebook was slow to innovate in the collaborative communication space. Facebook chat was weak and until now with Skype ignored video chat.  But with huddle Google brings functionality for professional and social use. Plus the group texting functionality ( Ala Beluga which Facebook bought)  is icing on the cake.

There are many other aspects I would love to discuss later. I think the scariest aspect of G+ Is that It feels like Google is holding back. Almost like the Best is yet to come.  And if that is the case....facebook is in trouble.

Time for zuckerberg to learn a lesson he would have learned if he finished Harvard business school ----


NeuroMan42 said...

I spoke to some of my Google friends and they said that some unique features are coming for Companies and such. Which is why they tend to shutdown Business based profiles at this point.

george rucker urology said...

alas poor yorick..i knew him well horatio

i agree with much of your comments...but, google unlike face book and myspace appeals more to technophilic folks. I also fear big brother issues when it comes to google. we'll see yorick...we'll see.