Friday, July 15, 2011

Google+ and SEO

(Note: Only waste your time reading this if you care about better rankings for your website in Google.)

In my last post I mentioned how GOOGLE+ can help Your rankings in Google search.  I want to give a more in depth look into this....

You will notice Google has implented the +1 button in its search engine...and also allows people to embed on their websites as well (much like the facebook like button).

They are using the +1 to not only improve their search results for Everyone but also using this to personalize results for You.  This is the real reason why Google+ is so valuable to Google (and you) . They will learn what you like and build a better search engine and deliver better ads.  Thus making their ecosystem more powerful and relevant.

So how does this effect SEO and your rankings.   The more people who +1 Your site the better rankings you will have.

Tip #1 - Get people to +1 your website. 
You can embed the +1 on. Your site to make it easier for people as well. Go to to learn how.

Next thing that will help boost your SEO will be links from posts on Google+1.   The posts have to be public in order for Google search to index them. You can start by posting links on Your own profile.  Don't spam or post too much - this can hurt you. 

Tip #2 - Public posts on G+ to Your site will help your rankings

This includes any links to your website from a post, but also more importantly how many people +1 or share your link. This data will become part of Google's algorithm on how they rank the importance of your website. Much like how they look at the "number of links" to your site... now they will also factor in "number of shares and +1s".  So, find creative ways to include your website into comments (for example, blogs, new articles, videos, etc)

Example Post: "Hey everyone, I just took a trip to New York, check out the great restaurants I visited on my blog at" (and attache a couple photos).

(note: make sure you post to "PUBLIC" or else Google won't index in the search results)

Tip #3 - Optimize your Profile with relevant keywords

One of the things Google will also look at is the content within your profile. This is how they will determine some of the basic keywords they will attach to content you post. If the word "actor" shows up a lot in your profile, then Google will consider this in how they place your links.  The more "social" content becomes, the social profile is the anchor to all the content your post. If your profile is empty or inactive, then this will be a negative in Google's eyes.... so complete your profile and make sure you include information that is relevant to who you are and how you want to rank.

If you find any other tricks let me know - follow me on G+ here.

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