Thursday, April 19, 2007

MOVO could do more then just market product

Anytime I am involved with a company, part of me would always like to see the company offer something "good" back to the community. There is always a humanitarian aspect to entrepreneurship, and here is one aspect I did not see when I co-founded Movo Mobile.

With the current events on everyone's mind - we look at the tragedy of the murders happening on high school and college campuses. The most recent ofcourse being Virginia Tech. And we all ask ourselves - "could have we prevented the tragedy". I think it is clear, that it wasn't obvious that this kid was going to become a mass-murderer - but one area that we can always improve on is communication.

Enter Movo. Movo ( has been working with universities over the past year to improve communication (mostly marketing) between the college and the students using SMS on cell phones. Although the original intent was to share information about classes, upcoming events and administrative alerts - clearly it can also become the next emergency broadcast system.

If Virginia Tech had the ability to send a SMS message to all their students. after the morning murders - would this have effected the murders later that day? Email was sent, but very few students were at their computers.

I am not questioning so much how the past was handled - but I am addressing how the future can be managed, and perhaps we can help prevent these types of tragedies through technology and innovative products like Movo.

I am proud to see one of the companies we started could play a role in saving lives - its nice to provide a service that extends beyond dollars and cents.

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