Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fast Pitch! brings Social Networking to Businesses

It's hard to believe that a small company in Sarasota, Florida could potentially be the next gorilla in one of the most dynamic markets on the web today - Social Networking.

For the first time companies like FaceBook and mySpace are adding substance to the hype of the Internet, and creating powerful communities of people who share content and build connections based on social highlights. mySpace was sold to News Corp for just under a billion, and the valuation of FaceBook exceeds 1B (turned down Yahoo's bid to buy them for 1.4B). Oh, by the way - this isn't a bubble either. These companies are driving serious revenue, serious growth and have the most valuable user base on the web today. Not only do they know who their users are, they know what they like, don't like, and more importantly what they want to buy.

Now, turn the page - moving from college to work, and focus on business. Enter Fast Pitch!. Fast Pitch has a community of users as well, but focused on building relationships based on business (however, their is always a social element). Business Networking has been around since the first dollar was exchanged, but more importantly networking is the life-blood of any business or professional's career. What a novel idea - network and market your business online, and bring people together based on simple criteria (e.g. where they went to college, what they are looking to buy, what city do they live in). Proof is in the stats - Fast Pitch! is ranked one of the top 4,000 websites in traffic in the United States, and 15,000 in the world.

After all, this is what the Internet was meant to be - a network of people, not computers.

So why is the future of Fast Pitch! so bright? They have a rapidly growing user base, customers that pay for the service (which is not easy to do - FaceBook and mySpace are free), and more importantly a network of business professionals that are actively buying and selling products and services, building relationships and adding content to Fast Pitch! every second of every day .... world wide.

One to watch.

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