Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SaaS and Web 3.0

Check out what Kim Kobza (CEO of Neighborhood America) says about the next phase of the web

Broadly speaking, we think of Web 2.0 as including a second generation of Internet-based services likr social networking sites, wikis, and communications tools that allow individuals to collaborate and share information online in ways previously unavailable. Media, government, and business are quickly learning that Web 2.0 is creating an expectation of being able to interact with brands and issues that are most important to customers.

Web 3.0 will enable business to quickly embrace scalable, repeatable, and consistent methods of building social networks with customers and to manage those networks. By using SaaS businesses can meet the rising demands for customer interaction in a way that delivers immediate and tangible business value. SaaS is a simple solution to the universal problem of how to bridge the gap between traditional CRM and the demand for social networks created by Web 2.0 technologies in a way that honors the needs of business processes.

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